2016 came as I slowly counted down to my convocation date on 29th march. It’s the d- day and I finally get to see my friends whom I hadn’t seen in 6 months having previously stayed together throughout the last 4 years. But sadly the day comes and goes. We had no choice but to go face and live our individual lives. After all, we knew it was inevitable as we were going into another institution called LIFE.
Looking outside the window as I left school for my house, I reminisced and realized I could have seen some people for the last time ever.
I then begin to remember one of my friends’ Abdul Kareem had asked me a question when he was about leaving after he had told someone “all the best in life”
Ahmad: So khalifa, till when (would we see each other again)?
Me : I don’t know
I couldn’t believe it was all over real quick. It was the truth and I had to face it. All we have left now is instagram likes, Skype, bbm, twitter, facebook and whatsapp chats.
As I looked, I tried to imagine how everyone would turn out to be in the nearest future. First of all, I thought about myself and asked myself .
“Ibrahim, will you be rich” or at the very least be very comfortable, I asked. But i realized being rich isn’t the ultimate happiness in life.
But this time, I couldn’t really answer myself because no one is sure what tomorrow holds. The future of an individual isn’t guaranteed by the grades you come out with whether first class, second class upper and lower classes or even third class or by the type of school you attend.
Some people might say I wrote that because I’m afraid to fail. Well, you might be right. Like Chris said in the movie House party tonight “I am afraid to fail”.
We are afraid to fail because we as well as the people around us really have high hopes for us and we have to repay our parents and so many other people for believing in us coupled with increased stigma attached to poor graduates. Now you see why I’m afraid to fail.
But as the best graduating student said FEAR has 2 meanings. Its either you Forget everything and run or Face everything and rise.
Our success doesn’t depend on the way it was written in the graduation book or according to our grades. No one has the power to determine our future except the Almighty.
All we can do is work hard, hope and pray to God to bless our ways. It is what it is and we are who we are.
We who wander this wasteland in search of our better selves (Mad max fury 2015)

Thanks for reading.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. hafisat says:

    My dear brother, I cherish your write up. I wish I could write better. All the best in life dearie.


  2. Ashymz says:

    Life after varsity was so touching. I envy your writing skills. Kudos. Put in continuous
    work and you gone be crowned with success .


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