Wow!!!! What a year it has been. It wasn’t a year without difficulties. It was mixed with both the good times and the bad times.
Basically I spent most part of the year for my national service. The year started off quickly with work as I had to resume to my place of primary assignment as early as the first week due to the resumption of schools for the second term. It was a whole new challenge for me. It was the first time I stayed alone in my apartment and had to cater for myself with my own money; the little stipend the federal government paid corp members and also my school which was private paid a token too. I was given four classes to teach 2 subjects. Yes it was that bad and to think that was the best deal anyone could get in that local government was the annoying part. I had to scream write with chalk, mark tests and assignments. But the school didn’t have large numbers so I came home at the slightest opportunity to ease off the stress of work and eat good food compared to the concoctions and junks I cooked. Some days never believed I could live in a place without light for such a long time. I walked miles to charge my phones and laptop. Some days were extremely hot, some were extremely cold and while some days were stressful others were quite easy. My housemates were annoying most times but we laughed really hard on some days too. But it was a whole new experience for me. I didn’t have the best of service years but I’m thankful I didn’t lose my life.
My convocation also took place back in April. It was a great time to see my friends who I hadn’t seen in a long time. We had so many things to discuss and many issues to catch up on. It was one of the best days of my life obviously and it was delightful to see my parents really proud of me. I spent quality time with my guys and of course our selfies were lit.
It was after my convocation I got inspired to put my thoughts into writing and let people learn. Special thank you to Kolade Pelumi for helping me upload my story on his website and doing art works for my first and second epistles. I felt I could do more with my stories and possibly touch lives with them according to my thoughts. Service didn’t really allow me write many stories because I lived in a no light area but I’m trying to complete many uncompleted stories I have. A very big thank you to figure 8 for helping me promote my first story which is something I haven’t really been able to thank you for but I really appreciate it. Also a very big thank you to Ashymz for that comment you dropped on one of my stories which makes me believe there are people who like what I do and that gives me great joy might not have told you guys but I’m really thankful.
My year was also adventurous as I had the chance to visit several states in the country. It was a chance to explore. I took a long and adventurous trip to Edo before exploring the heart beat of the nation.ie delta state to have one of the most fun moments of my life at a beach in Abraka along with 2 of my guys and 3 female friends to the clique. Banji made one of the most delicious jollof rice ever. I honestly wished it didn’t finish so I wouldn’t have had to leave. The bus trip from Delta back to Edo was one of the most exciting travels one could ever have. It was too lit.
Fast forward to October when I finished my service and finally got my certificate. It was such an emotional period for me because I will never see many of them again. Everyone’s too busy with life. I’m not good at missing people so I left my ppa the following day. It was quite a hostile environment. It was also my birth month. The 31st of October came and I was really happy with the love shown to me by friends and family. Special thanks to Ruka for the text and of course to Banji. Also a big shout out to Maryam too. You know I’ve got much love for you. And to everyone else I’m really grateful to everyone for the wishes which remain evergreen in my heart and visible to my eyes.
That’s just the major events that happened in the year. The year didn’t come without teaching me lessons, some of which I learnt the hard way. But the most important thing I learned is that ‘At the end, it’s going to be you alone battling with your life; no friends nor family, just you’. I also trusted some people and they let me down and still think they did the right thing. Another thing I learned was to move closer to God because only He has the power to determine our lives and prayers do get answered too. God’s blessings have no limits and when He is ready to bless you, even you will wonder what you’ve done to deserve it .I also tried to find love this year but to no avail. I hope for a better next year
Better days are coming and I pray this year brings us closer to more blessings and our goals and success and more importantly brings us closer to God.
That’s why I’m thankful for all the good people I know. You keep me going. I’d like to take this medium to appreciate the good people that supported me throughout the year. A very big appreciation to Odugbesan Sadiq thanks for always being there for me always. You remember the answer you gave me when I told you no one supported my writings? You told me I’ve got God and He’ll do wonders. That’s the best thing someone ever told me in 2016. I almost cried actually.
Thank you Ajibola Adeleke for coming through when I started writing, you were the only one who supported me. The only one fam. I’m grateful to you. To my brother Ibrofied you know how we roll, my turn up partner. Of course I wouldn’t forget you Hanifat, my hanny bunny. I can’t remember how we started talking but I’m thankful we are. My special editor. Thank you Olajide for trusting me enough to open up to me and also for providing the title to my second story.
Also a big thank you to my brothers Afeez,Ahmad, Banji and Sola. I pray we all make it.
Cheers to a 2017 filled with God’s blessings and grace.


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