The #BetterUnited initiative

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-05 at 15.01.54Recently, a lot of people took to Twitter to join a fast-rising movement: #BetterUnited. The movement is one that is urging Nigerians to support the sincere efforts of the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo (SAN) –and the current administration as a whole –to develop the country on all fronts, as no meaningful development can take place without unity and cohesion.

This came about in lieu of recent happenings in the nation: the Arewa youths giving the Igbos a three-month ultimatum to the leave the Northern part of the country or face their wrath; the Igbos agitating and advocating for a break-off from Nigeria so they can finally have their Biafra; some members of the National Assembly staging mini-coup while the Acting President was away attending to matters of the State, and so many other issues.

These events appear to show a Nigeria that is deeply divided. Divisions between rich and poor, young and old, minorities and majorities, are dominating headlines and having major effects on political processes. Rather than trying to heal these divides and work together towards a more equal and just society, some unscrupulous forces are seeking to increase these divisions and use them to their advantage. Divisive “us and them” rhetoric is threatening the foundation of our communities and the stability of our societies. And as concerned citizens who have a lot to lose if this Nation divides, we must stand together and call on the people of Nigeria: Don’t be divided, We’re #BETTERUNITED!

Let’s take a moment to think this through: if Nigeria divides today, what would become of us? What would become of our families, jobs, homes? Is there someplace else we can go and call home? Remember, not all of us can lay claims to dual citizenship!

To join the movement, get on Twitter and spread the message by using the #BetterUnited hashtag. Let’s prove that unity beats division, and that we are #BETTERUNITED against divisive statements and actions in all forms.

Don’t forget: Even small acts can change the world!

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